8 weeks to living well

Next week we will be starting our 8 week to living well campaign. We will be covering a range of health related topics such as the covid-19 vaccine, heart health, mindfulness, diet and much more. Watch our social media for more information and to get involved!

Andy’s Man Club

Andy’s Man Club”, a space for men to talk about their problems without judgement or feeling like a burden. What started as a small support group in Halifax has ballooned into a Facebook group of thousands, with more clubs to be set up across the UK. The telegraph – Andy’s Man Club

Self Care: Alcohol and Smoking

A series of videos about the dangers of alcohol and smoking The Great British Booze Problem Cirrhosis:Phil’s Story Alcohol misuse: David’s Story Health Harms – Mutations ‘The support I received from the NHS was nothing short of fantastic!’ “I can exercise much longer at the gym now” For more information about cutting down on your… Continue Reading

Self Care: Healthy Eating and Exercise

A series of videos from Public Health England and the NHS about looking after yourself by eating healthier and starting to exercise. Obesity and Weight  Management Couch to 5k Healthy Eating: Creamy Asparagus Soup Healthy Eating: Stuffed Peppers Healthy Eating: Afghan Salad Healthy Eating: Vegetable Patties For more information about getting healthier visit NHS One… Continue Reading

Self Care: Talking About Mental Health

Information about mental health and support available. Mind the Mental Health Charity Panic Attacks / Talking About Mental Health   Anxiety / Talking About Mental Health   Low Self-esteem / Talking About Mental Health   Depresssion / Talking About Mental Health   How to talk to your GP about your mental health For more information… Continue Reading