Stopping smoking links and NHS tips

One in two smokers die as a result of smoking related disease. Smoking is linked to a range of medical conditions such as: Dementia, COPD, Heart Disease and Stroke.   The NHS has a 10-tip guide to stopping smoking these tips are: Think positive Make a plan to quit smoking consider your diet change your drink  Identify when you crave cigarettes Get additional support for… Continue Reading

Tips on sleep

Watch the short video filled with handy tips on how to get a good sleep routine throughout the pandemic. For more in depth information and details about common sleep disorders visit the NHS how to get to sleep page or the sleep foundation website.

How to treat high and low blood pressure

Hypertension (high blood pressure) Changing your lifestyle can help manage and control high blood pressure. Some lifestyle changed you can try are: Getting regular physical activity (the government recommends 150 mins at least a week) Eat a heart-healthy diet with less salt Limit the amount of alcohol you drink Maintain a healthy weight, or lose… Continue Reading

Facts about the Covid-19 Vaccine

The coronavirus vaccine is safe and effective. It gives you the best protection against coronavirus. There’s lots of information on the covid-19 vaccine at the moment, make sure the information you’re reading is from a reputable and reliable source. The covid-19 vaccine works like other vaccines, it teaches your immune system how to defend itself… Continue Reading

8 weeks to living well

Next week we will be starting our 8 week to living well campaign. We will be covering a range of health related topics such as the covid-19 vaccine, heart health, mindfulness, diet and much more. Watch our social media for more information and to get involved!