Healthy Hearts Shipley

The Engaging People team will be conducting some outreach work at Shipley Market on Monday 21st March 2022. They will have a stall full of information about a range of subjects, such as healthy eating, exercise, keeping warm and keeping healthy. They are a friendly bunch and would love to spend some time having a… Continue Reading

Movember Conversations

Our volunteers, Simon and Saul, have been looking at the Movember Conversations toolkit. This is a handy toolkit that provides you with tips and advice so that you are able to help out a mate who is going through a tough time. You can find the Movember Conversations toolkit on the Movember website at… Continue Reading

Root Out Racism Event

The Engaging People Team will be attending the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership’s event “Root Out Racism” at Centenary Square, Bradford on Monday the 23rd August 2021 3pm-5pm. The event has been organised to raise awareness of the health inequalities and discrimination experienced by people from ethnic minority backgrounds in their communities… Continue Reading


There has never been a better time to kickstart your health – let’s do this! Physical Activity It is never too late to get active to improve your health, so start small and build up, starting from 10 minutes of brisk walking a day.  Remember, every minute counts! When it comes to physical activity, some… Continue Reading

Dementia: facts and myths

This year’s Dementia Action Week (17-23 May 2021) focuses on calling on the government to provide quality social care which is free and easy to access no matter where you live. But when it comes to Dementia and Alzheimer’s do you know the difference? Would you know what the symptoms are? And whom is more… Continue Reading

Stopping smoking links and NHS tips

One in two smokers die as a result of smoking related disease. Smoking is linked to a range of medical conditions such as: Dementia, COPD, Heart Disease and Stroke.   The NHS has a 10-tip guide to stopping smoking these tips are: Think positive Make a plan to quit smoking consider your diet change your drink  Identify when you crave cigarettes Get additional support for… Continue Reading

Tips on sleep

Watch the short video filled with handy tips on how to get a good sleep routine throughout the pandemic. For more in depth information and details about common sleep disorders visit the NHS how to get to sleep page or the sleep foundation website.

How to treat high and low blood pressure

Hypertension (high blood pressure) Changing your lifestyle can help manage and control high blood pressure. Some lifestyle changed you can try are: Getting regular physical activity (the government recommends 150 mins at least a week) Eat a heart-healthy diet with less salt Limit the amount of alcohol you drink Maintain a healthy weight, or lose… Continue Reading