Care in Craven Consultation 14.11.17~27.02.18: How we will make the final decision & How do I give my feedback?

When making a decision of this kind, we consider a range of information.   This includes:   the vision for Accountable Care Airedale, the fit with our strategic objectives and principles and the CCG outcomes framework   the NHS Forward View   West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Plan   views expressed by the… Continue Reading

Care in Craven Consultation 14.11.17 ~ 27.02.18: Results of Castleberg Hospital Engagement

In August and September 2017 we engaged with people in Craven about what options we should consider when consulting about the future of services at Castleberg Hospital. We asked about how we should consult with people once final options had been identified. Overall, 294 questionnaires and 51 emails/letters were returned and 254 people attended one… Continue Reading

Care in Craven Consultation 14.11.17~27.02.18: Community Care Services for People Living in Craven (including the future of Castleberg Hospital)

The NHS cares for people throughout their lives, through family doctors (GPs), local and specialist hospitals and community teams, and a range of services in between. This consultation is about some of the services that help people to stay out of hospital, or help them leave hospital sooner with extra support (intermediate care services). It… Continue Reading