About Us

Engaging People is a new project funded by the NHS.

Our aim is to support people to get involved and have their say about future plans for healthcare in the Bradford and Craven District.

The project is run by 4 local organisations- HALE, CNet, BTM and Healthwatch, working together with the 3 Clinical Commisioning Group’s – Bradford City CCG, Bradford Districts CCG and Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven CCG.

Engaging People wants to work with local people and communities and give them new and different ways to be involved.small round 6

We want to get better information and stories and find out what is important to you.

We want to work with larger groups of people especially people who have not been given the chance to have their say before.

We think that by involving everyone peoples overall health and wellbeing will improve.

How you can get involved?

volunteering roundWe will be visiting groups and attending events in the community. We will be visiting places where people go in their everyday lives.

We will also be holding some of our own events.

You can share your stories on our Facebook page and Twitter account.

You could decide to volunteer with us and help us to reach more people in your community.



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