Out Of Hospital Community Based Health Services – What We Did

In August 2017 we were commisioned by Bradford Districts & Craven CCGs to engage with South Asian and Eastern European communities across Bradford to establish why people from these groups don’t access some community based health services.


Throughout August and September, we identified and approached a number of community-based organisations that already had strong links with members of the communities with whom we needed to engage.

During our initial meetings and discussions it was clear that many of the organisations we approached saw the value of our proposed engagement activities and were therefore keen to support us.

In October and November 2017 we engaged with members of the Bradford City and District population, specifically those from older South Asian and Eastern European Communities, including members of the Roma community, to find out what their understanding and awareness of community based health services was.


Frizinghall mens walking group

We visited eight community based groups on several occasions and asked people about their contact with health services.  We asked them where they find information from in relation to their own health and health services, who they trust to give them health related information, what they knew about community based health services, whether they had used these services and, if so, how they felt about them and lastly how they felt about potentially being supported by these services in the future.

We also carried out 2 home visits to listen to 2 individuals who had recent experiences with OOH community based services.

Overall the Engaging People Team spoke with and listened to 108 people above the age of fifty representing 14 different nationalities: Polish, Italian, Serbian, Latvian, Estonian, British, Slovak, Czechoslovakian, Ukrainian, Slovenian, Iranian, Pakistani, Indian and Bulgarian.


Engaging People logos - combined cropped

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