Care in Craven Consultation 14.11.17~27.02.18: How we will make the final decision & How do I give my feedback?

When making a decision of this kind, we consider a range of information.


This includes:


  • the vision for Accountable Care Airedale, the fit with our strategic objectives and principles and the CCG outcomes framework


  • the NHS Forward View


  • West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Plan


  • views expressed by the public and other stakeholders during consultation


  • the duty to have regard to the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) and Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategies


  • patient choice


  • the clinical evidence base


  • the views of service commissioners


  • intermediate care guidance issued by NICE in September 2017


NHS England has set a statutory duty for all CCGs to operate within their financial allocations and to commission services without overspending. In view of this, we must also take account of the financial implications of each option under consideration, whether it is affordable and demonstrates value for money. For clarity about the affordability of each of the options, we have considered this prior to writing
this document.


Following consultation, our Clinical Executive Group – which includes GPs from Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven – will consider a business case and make a recommendation to the Governing Body, members of which will make the final decision. Prior to making our decision, NHS England will review and approve how the Clinical Executive Group came to recommend a preferred option.


We anticipate that the Governing Body – whose membership includes clinicians and lay people – will make its decision on the future of these services in May 2018.


How do I give my feedback?


We want to ensure that our future discussions take your views into account. You can tell us what you think about these proposals in a number of ways:



  • Reply by email to


  • Write a letter to us and return it to Care in Craven Consultation, Freepost RTEK-UHKG-UBEK, Douglas Mill, Bowling Old Lane, Bradford BD5 7JR (no stamp is needed)



You can also attend one of our drop-in sessions, at the following locations:


Castleberg consultation venues

At the drop-in sessions you will be able to have one-to-one or small group discussions with representatives from the NHS organisations involved in this consultation.

Please tell us your views no later than Tuesday 27 February 2018.


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