Care in Craven Consultation 14.11.17~27.02.18: Options that we have discounted

One of the options we put forward for engagement earlier this year was to provide inpatient care in the community by building something new.

Although this option was relatively popular with those who responded, we now know that it is not affordable or viable and, as a result, we are not consulting on it.
Based on advice from NHS Property Services, the estimated cost of a newly built 10-bedded unit would be £4 million, including land costs.
Funds from the sale of an NHS property, such as Castleberg Hospital, are retained by the Department of Health with no guarantee of them being returned to the area. The bidding process for capital funds for a new build would therefore depend on us securing support from the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership and submitting a business case to the Department of Health.
Based on the capital funding required for a new build and its running costs, NHS Property Services has estimated that the annual premises costs of a new 10-bedded facility would be £427,000, which is £177,000 a year more than we currently pay. Given the scale of this increase in annual costs, it is not considered to be affordable.
We have also considered whether there are any existing facilities that could be developed to accommodate a 10-bedded unit. NHS Property Services conducted a review of local NHS estate in Craven and identified no suitable options.



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