Castleberg Engagement 31.7.17~15.9.17: What do we want you to tell us about?

At this Stage, the most important things we would like you to tell us are:

1. What options we should consider for future intermediate, end of life and palliative care services in Craven;

Here are three potential options that could form part of an options appraisal. This is not an exhaustive list and we want to hear what other solutions we should think about and why:

  • Keep the hospital open.
  • Close the hospital and provide services in a different way.
  • Build or use an alternative facility.

2. What’s the best way for us to run a future consultation?

  • What do you think we should take into accoubnt?
  • Do you have any thoughts about how best to consult with you – for example, drop-in sessions, social media, websites, or…..?
  • What kind of information would you like to see to support any options that are put forward, or any we were not able to put forward?
  • Who would you like to hear from during the consultation – for example, patients, staff, managers or someone else?
  • What would help you to be assured that the right decision has been made for the future of these services?

3. What’s important to you about services in your area?

  • What is important to you about your health and care?
  • This may include things like accessibility of services, personalised care, quality, being able to live at home, being in control etc.

No decisions have yet been made, or will be made, about the future of the hospital, nor will they be until the conclusion of a formal consultation which will start later this year.


Timeline of Events

The following is an estimated timeline of events – it may be subject to change, depending on the outcome of NHS England’s assurance process.



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