Castleberg Engagement 31.7.17~15.9.17: The Future of Castleberg Hospital

The future of services at Castleberg Hospital – your views count …

We want you to tell us what would be the best way to conduct a future consultation about intermediate, end-of-life and palliative care services in Craven, what matters to you about the services you receive, and what options you think we should include within it.

Whilst some of these services were provided in people’s homes, some were also provided at Castleberg Hospital in Giggleswick. However, following ongoing issues with the power supply, heating and drainage, the buildihospital bed roundng was no longer safe to provide inpatient care or suitable for the wellbeing of staff. The service was temporarily closed from 13 April 2017.

Since April, following an assessment of people’s needs, many of who would have been previously admitted to Castleberg Hospital are being cared for at home or closer to home, for example in a care home, with the right level of support to meet their needs. People who do not require inpatient care are treated at Airedale General Hospital or, if they live in Bentham, Lancaster Royal Infirmary.

The information you give us will help inform a future consultation about services in Craven and make sure services meet your needs now and in the future. We will consider the views and ideas you share during this initial engagement and take these into account when we start a formal consultation later on this year.

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